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NOTE: I am in the process of adding features, I'll try to keep the documentation in line with each release.
Bear with me while this is in beta, using latest checkin may not reflect documentation below. Especially if I improve something!

What should an MVVM framework do at the minimum?
  • Provide a base ViewModel class to inherit for core functionality (like INotifyPropertyChanged)
  • Provide a simple way to hook up ICommand (or replace ICommand)
  • Enable IoC and Dependency Injection, but not tie you to a particular IoC container/framework

NoMvvm tries to accomplish all of this.

The only optional additions are:
  • Provides a simple solution to hooking up Views to ViewModels (I eventually want this to be convention based)
  • Additional library for window management or other features specific for WPF
  • Additional library for Silverlight or WP7 where appropriate

Want to get going quick? Check out the NuGet Quickstart.

In-Depth Documentation

What about Windows Phone 7?

Currently, Windows Phone 7 does not support the DLR or dynamic types. I do not believe NoMvvm can exist without this. If this ever changes in a future version of the Windows Phone SDK, I would gladly port NoMvvm to WP7.

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